RETOR is a mentor for better speech. Helping everyone who wants to improve their public appearance and learn how to be persuasive.


SCOPE Copenhagen is a premium construction and design studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Creating unique, stylish and liveable interiors.



Evolving the book club, EVOLIT provides the best non-fiction books conducive to growth and connection in perhaps the most difficult topics to navigate; personal and professional development.

Body EM

Body EM is an online fitness and lifestyle coaching platform by Emma Walsh. Designed to help individuals improve their overall physical and mental health through better habits and processes.

The Klasik Series

The Klasik Series is a personal 365 day project. Consisting of creating 1 poster design each day, all limited to a specific colour palette and general design style. A process of ongoing self discovery through artforms without any expectations.

Thom Evans Fitness

Thom Evans Fitness is an online coaching platform whose main goal is to give individuals a toolset for improving their life through long lasting and proven methods.

Jasmine Dawn

Jasmine Dawn works to provide a bespoke fitness and nutrition solution to people looking to become the best version of themselves.

multis pro

multis.pro is a new streaming service company focusing on bringing high quality live streams to creatives, artists and performers. Allowing everyone a “front row seat”.


Klasik '20

Klasik is my own professional identity, and it’s given me the ability to grow as a creative every day.

Ambedo Media

Ambedo Media is a new video production company based in Zagreb, Croatia that offers a wide range of services to its clients. From professional corporate videos to contemporary and classical art showcases, the creatives behind the work offer unique viewing experiences for whatever needs you and your project may have.

Days Of Milko Kelemen

With its cultural content, the Days of Milko Kelemen festival addresses the broadest, non-artistic audience, to bring contemporary music and art that humanizes social and urban space and becomes part of everyday life in the small town of Slatina, Croatia.

Kayak Land

Kayak Land is an e-commerce platform that specializes in selling high-quality kayaks and kayaking equipment in Croatia. Their goal is to provide fun and pleasure to recreational adventurers as well as enthusiastic athletes around the world.


Dutours has been providing high-quality walking experiences in the popular tourist city of Dubrovnik, Croatia since 2016. The key emphasis for the touring experiences is focusing on, not only the popular attractions of the city but its little known corridors and stories.